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“Over 1 year ago I was getting my SMP done in Birmingham at Scalpmates on my shiny bald head lol.. My hairline still looks great and prob need a top up session in about half a year. I was quite nervous to start but after seeing the initial results I was hooked. Contrary to what I thought people don’t notice anything wrong with your head and Ive had nothing but compliments on my new hairstyle. My mates thought Ive miraculously grown my hair LOL.. Laur youre a star!”

before and after Scap micropigmentation smp for male pattern baldness, bald head tattoo for man density

Scalp Micropigmentation for Male Pattern Baldness


• Do you already shave your hair or keep it short?

• Are those bald spots and the receding hairline bothering you?


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the art of “tattooing” thousands of micro dots with a custom pigment on your head. The dots match your tone and perfectly blend in with your remaining hair follicles.

This incredible technique allows us to give you a full head of buzz cut hair and tailor make your new hairline.

This treatment is also allowed for Muslims. Read the Fatwa Committee UK ruling here (scroll to the bottom of their article)


” During my consultation Laur took a photo of me and was able to show me on his computer what my hairline would look like with this treatment. That really impressed me but the results are even better! ” 

Patrick on Trustpilot


male results process on short/shaved hair
before and after Scap micropigmentation smp for female pattern baldness, hair thinning solutions asian woman

Scalp Micropigmentation for Female Hair Loss


• Perhaps you keep your hair long but started thinning at the top?

• Is your scalp skin showing through?

Problem solved! We use the same Cosmetic Pigmentation technique to create the appearance of denser hair.  After 3-4 sessions your affected area is covered up in tiny dots which blend in with your own hair.
We promise guaranteed and natural looking results.


” I noticed that my hair was thinning at the top of my head to a point where I could see my scalp an I was horrified..I didn’t understand how smp would work for long hair or how it would make my hair thicker but thankfully Greta explained it to me perfectly and I just went for it. Best decision I’ve ever done “


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female results process on long hair

Scalp Micropigmentation for Thinning Hair in Men


Thinning hair is a very common problem with men, especially at the crown area. Some guys are even born with naturally sparse hair. 
We helped Mr Kandola by covering his crown area in micro dots. It adds more density to his hair and is virtually undetectable. 

” Very impressed with there workmanship. I was advised on the best option for my scalp micro pigmention. Very relaxing atmosphere.. Each session I had was very enjoyable. The end result was amazing I was very happy with the result. It was inexpensive. I highly recommend Scalp Mates. You will not be dissappointed. They are very proffesional in there job. A very nice couple who take pride in there job. And make sure the customer is happy with the end result.”

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Kandola on Google


male results process on long hair

Scalp Micropigmentation for Scars Camouflage


We use a technique called SMP Scar Repair to camouflage even the most noticeable scars, burns or birthmarks on your head. You know that hair transplant scars cannot be removed but luckily they can be covered up successfully.

Amazing transformation covering up the scars at the back of my head. […] After 3 quick sessions Laur managed to cover them up perfectly and the price point is more than worth it for my peace of mind. […]” 


google 5 stars scalp mates scalp micropigmentation birmingham uk

Philip on Google

The 6 BEST Benefits of SMP


we are addicted to improving lives

And our satisfied customers are living proof of that

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  • Avatar Chris Thompson ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Simply fantastic! Laur was so helpful and so professional and his work is amazing. Over the 3 sessions … More my hairline was restored and so was my confidence. I recommend Scalpmates to anyone who wants fantastic results and fantastic service at a great price. Thank you so much!
  • Avatar Matt OSullivan ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Absolutely Fabulous place, I have had 3 sessions and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Greta is … More a true professional and brilliant at her job. The whole process was very relaxed and the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend
  • Avatar Josh Wilkinson ★★★★★ a year ago
    Had my first session this morning with Greta and I'm super happy with the outcome especially after … More only 1 session. Greta was friendly, welcoming and answered all my questions without any difficulty.
    The session took about 3.5 hours, the time mostly flew by as I watched netflix during the procedure. Pain was minimal, about 3/10 overall and not as bad as I expected.
    If like me you were debating on getting SMP done, I'd strongly advise you to just go for it and definitely give ScalpMates a message, you won't regret it.
  • Avatar TheArtois1 ★★★★★ a year ago
    Absolutely spot on service from Laur at Scalpmates. From consultation to checkup - everything was explained … More fully. At no point did Laur try to push extra cost on me, to be honest - Laur actually tried to dissuade me from spending. On costs, from the 3-4 companies i looked at, Scalpmates was by far the cheapest but don't let this put you off; you get a top quality service
  • Avatar Harasho Burundi ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Laur is a true artist! I have had people look at me from extremely close and be in awe at the fact that … More my hairline isn't entirely made up of real hair. My only regret is not getting SMP years ago and waiting this long. I spent so long researching and speaking to various providers, and honestly - Scalp Mates produced the best results, and were the most honest, understanding, and professional out of everyone. I would personally never risk going anywhere else, knowing what excellent quality and value you can get here.

process & FAQ

We’ll walk you through the process of getting a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment by addressing your questions and concerns.


free consultation for Scalp micropigmentation SMP with mockup at scalpmates clinic in birmingham

Free Consulatation

Many of our Muslim clients have the same question.

Fatwa Committee UK has ruled that Scalp Micropimentation (SMP) is permitted in Islam because it is considered as treatment for ailment. Click here and scroll to the bottom of their article to see the ruling.

If your hair is thinning but still covers most of your head, then YES! Density micro pigmentation tattoo can benefit you by covering and darkening your scalp skin, hence creating the illusion of denser hair. It is a simple trick to add permanent volume to any dark, grey and even blonde hair. We tailor the pigment to your skin tone and hair colour so It looks very natural and lasts for many years to come.

If your hair is long but the hair loss is more severe then you might have to shave it and we can create a fresh buzz cut look.

It is very simple to book a visit with ScalpMates clinic. Click on the Watsapp icon at the bottom right of your screen and drop us a message. We will answer as soon as possible. Alternatively click here and submit a quick form.

You don’t need to bring anything with you for the consultation. And we do not pressure you into booking your treatment either. This is simply an informal chat which gives you the chance to get more info about the SMP procedure. We can also show you how Scalp Micropigmentation looks on you ( Free Mockup )

We take a photo of you and create a realistic preview that shows how SMP looks on your head. You can customize your hairline shape, colour and height on the spot.

Q & A first session scalp micropigmentation in birmingham at scalpmates


  1. You complete a form with your details such as health conditions and allergies.
  2. If your head is shaved we start drawing the hairline with a pencil, taking into account your age, skin tone and the amount of hair loss. If your are adding density to long hair then this step is not necessary.
  3. Once you are happy to proceed we will start tattooing the first layer of micro dots on your scalp. 

Your first scalp Micropigmentation session can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on the scalp area that needs to be covered. 

For a crown area density fill it could take up to 2 hours, meanwhile for a full head please allow 4 hours.

Our male and female clients generally report mild discomfort rather than pain during the treatment. The SMP needle only goes about 1 mm into the dermis layer of your skin as opposed to a regular tattoo which can go up to 2 mm deep.

We handle our tools with the utmost precision to make sure that the thousands of dots are placed at the correct depth hence creating the best possible results with the least amount of discomfort.

Scalp Micropigmentation requires no down time because it is a non-invasive treatment. The slight redness after the treatment goes away after 2-3 days. If you don’t mind it you can go to work or other functions right away. Some clients choose to wear a hat.


To a stranger it will look like normal buzz cut hair although people that know you might notice the difference because you have hair now!

The first session is only a foundation so naturally we will create a softer hairline and lighter micro dots for the most natural look. At ScalpMates we don’t use regular tattoo ink but a pigment specifically formulated for Scalp Micropigmentation.


Q & A second session scalp micropigmentation in birmingham at scalpmates clinic


It is perfectly normal for the first base to fade due to your skin healing and exfoliating. This can seem disappointing to many people but it is a natural reaction of your skin to the pigment. That is why you need 3 or even 4 sessions to build up the layers.

You can rest assured that the price you pay for the treatment covers all sessions until you are satisfied with the result.

Definitely! Before starting the second session we discuss any concerns that you might have or talk about making some adjustments. We can focus more on specific areas or slightly change the style, shape and position of your hairline.

We never had anyone talking about SMP removal because good results are truly life changing! However, if you just want to remove part of it or had a bad treatment elsewhere it is far easier to remove than a regular tattoo. The pigment can usually be laser removed in just one session. It may take 2 sessions for large areas (whole head) or if the pigment is way too dark.

 “Does SMP make my hair fall even more?”. It is a very valid question which comes up from time to time. Let’s get one thing straight. Scalp Micropigmentation DOES NOT  cause any more hair loss simply because the hair root goes much deeper into the skin (roughly 4mm). We only insert the pigment dots at 1 mm depth. 

Of course! To name a few: Nicky Jam (singer/songwriter), George Farah (body builder trainer), Dr Esho (Channel 4 Body fixers), Quinton Fortune (Ex Manchester Utd football player), Louis Rankin (NFL Star).

There are many more celebrities with Scalp Micropigmentation or hair tattoo treatment. The fact that SMP is virtually undetectable makes it impossible to know who had it done and it is very easy for them to keep it a secret.

Q & A third session scalp micropigmentation SMP in birmingham at scalpmates clinic


During the 3rd session of your SMP tattoo we add more density and possibly make the pigment darker if necessary. The previous 2 layers should be slightly lighter by now. Tens of thousands of micro dots create a 3D effect which perfectly emulates real hair follicles. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is a form of permanent makeup and is also known as a cosmetic hair/scalp tattoo. The treatment will stay on your head forever although it naturally fades over time.

The pigments we use are top quality. Unlike normal ink it will never change into a different (blueish) tone and it will always mimic real hair follicles even when faded.


Generally speaking after 4-6 years a client might come in for a quick touch up. You want it to fade because it gives you the chance to update your look, perhaps adjust the hairline slightly as you advance in age. 

After finishing your 3rd session and let your scalp heal for at least a week we can fully assess the results. If you feel like your head tattoo needs some adjustments or want it a bit darker we can book you in for another SMP session. 

Although most of the time it is not necessary, it is good to have that assurance and we will do our best to achieve the look you expected from the Mock up (preview) in the beginning of your treatment.

YES we do. Not every scalp skin takes pigment the same. Sometimes your pigmentation might fade a bit quicker than usual, especially if you have oily skin or you normally sweat a lot.

If you notice that your pigmentation got very light within a year from your first session we will happily book you in for a density touch up. 

You do need to follow your after care instructions closely for this Guarantee to apply.  

after care instructions scalp micropigmentation SMP in birmingham at scalpmates clinic


After each Scalp Micropigmentation session the body starts the healing process.  Your head skin will be red because of the increased blood flow to your scalp. The redness slowly goes away within 2-3 days. The head will start scabbing and it is VERY IMPORTANT not to touch or pick at these little scabs. 

We know that it is very tempting to itch your head within the first week but that will take the pigment out of your skin and you don’t want that.

First 3 days – To avoid taking out the pigment you must wait 3 days before washing your hair after each SMP session.

Days 3 to 7 – Start to gently wash the pigmented area with lukewarm water and no shampoo. At this point you can use a little moisturizer (argan oil) over your scalp every day.

After 7 days – You may start using shampoo at this point until your next session (if applicable). Keep your skin moisturized daily and don’t scrub or scratch your head for 3 weeks. Be gentle.

First 3 Weeks – After each SMP session you must avoid swimming, sauna or heavy exercise. Anything which causes excessive sweating during this period will flush the pigment out of the skin and your treatment would go to waste.

After 3 weeks – Your Scalp Micropigmentation is mostly healed so you can workout at the gym, go swimming and chill in sauna.

After 3 days – You may shave your hair 4 days after each SMP session. Take extra care not to irritate the scalp skin and do not pick at the small scabs on your head.

First 3 days –  Protect your head from any strong sunlight or UV rays (sunbed).

After 3 days – Apply SPF 30+ sunscreen to your scalp if it will be exposed to strong sunlight, although try to protect yourself from over exposure to sun.

Do not use Minoxidil foam or other formulations on your pigmented areas for the first 30 days after your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment. This might cause it to fade quicker or turn to a blue/green hue.

Oral medication should be fine.