Let's answer some important questions first:

Many of our Muslim clients have the same question. Yes, you are allowed to have it done.

Fatwa Committee UK has ruled that Scalp Micropimentation (SMP) is permitted in Islam because it is considered as treatment for ailment. Click here and scroll to the bottom of their article to see the ruling.

First of all, in order to avoid any confusion, I will tell you all the different terms for Scalp Micropigmentation: SMP, micro hair tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, hairline tattoo, micro hair pigmentation. They all mean the same thing.

SMP is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that lasts for many years to come. Thousands of micro dots will cover up the balding areas such as crown or hairline in order to create the illusion of trimmed hair. 

The “magic” is achieved in stages and you normally need to have 3 sessions in order to blend in with your own hair and achieve a perfectly realistic look. The goal is to make it look as natural as possible, just like your own hair.

Yes, with SMP you can achieve any hairline shape and finish. I will always be able to advise you on a sensible and realistic hairline and help you choose the style that suits you best.

Below are 2 examples:

  • on the left we have a curved hairline, slightly “receded” and with a soft, feathered finish .This would be suitable for someone who is over 30 perhaps.
  • on the right we have a straight hairline with a sharp finish. This would be more suitable for a very young person, someone who can “pull off” this look.

hairline tattoo in bimringham uk scalpmates, different hairline styles for smp pigmentation

You most certainly can! If you send me a couple of photos, or visit me for a consultation, then I can offer a virtual mock-up to give you an idea of different hairline shapes. 

Below are some examples from my past clients. They each chose the style they preferred. 

hairline tattoo in bimringham uk scalpmates, Scalp micropigmentation virtual mockup smp

If your long hair is thinning, but you still have a good hairline, then have a read through SMP for long hair. We may be able to add hair density through Scalp Micropigmentation and you get to keep your long hair.

However, if your hairline receded quite far back, then you might have to trim your hair quite short (0.5) in order for the hairline tattoo to blend in with your own hair. 

Drop us a message here if you’re not sure on this. 


If you are looking for non-surgical hair replacement in Birmingham, then you’re in the right place. I will walk you through the full process of getting SMP for your receded hairline or balding crown.

Consultation & Facilities


  • Discuss the procedure with us, including what to expect during and after treatment.
  • Ask any questions you may have. 
  • We provide the exact cost and number of sessions needed for desired results, with no hidden charges.
  • Disclose any health conditions before starting treatment.


laur, laurentiu bradea and greta bradea scalpmates smp

Drop us a message / virtual consultation


Click on the links below to get in touch with either one of us:


  • Greta mainly works with long hair / density so you may wish to contact her directly.
  • Laur prefers the bald / shaved look, but can also work with thinning hair.

Send us some photographs of your scalp/hair and we will provide you with an accurate quote and additional information on the procedure and what can be achieved for your specific case.

Optional in-person consultation


ScalpMates is based in Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK at 9 Aldbury Road, B144NH. 


Optionally, you’re welcome to schedule a free consultation and visit our studio located at our home. Meeting one of us in person might give you a better understanding of our workspace and level of expertise.


We keep it casual and never pressure you into booking the treatment.


SMP Mockup & Hairline Styles (optional)


I took the liberty to create a few hairline ideas for Jason Statham. I hope he doesn’t find this offensive. This is a virtual mockup for SMP, which was done using editing software by myself.

smp mockup and hairline styles

If you’re unsure about having a certain hairline shape, do let me know and ask for a mock up. Send me a couple of photos and I can create a few different options for you. These might help you decide if you want to get the hairline back and which shape suits you best



SESSION 1 – Hairline Design & First Base

Slide to see a few examples of different clients, taken before and straight after the 1st SMP session.

1 session smp hairline
1 session smp top
1 session smp side

Before this session begins, we will thoroughly disinfect your scalp with soft alcohol wipes and then draw the hairline shape with a pencil. We can adjust it until you are satisfied with the shape and then we are ready to begin the SMP (micro hair tattoo) procedure.

The process can be lengthy and take a significant amount of time, but if you are determined to get the desired results, it should not be an issue. This session could take me up to 4 hours to cover the whole top of your head. For smaller areas, the duration will be shorter.

We can pass time by talking (I love a good story), you can watch movies on the TV, or listen to music. Most of my clients say that “it went quickly!”

In order to create a realistic effect, Scalp Micropigmentation is built up in 3 stages. During the first session we build up 1 layer of microdots. We still cover the whole balding area, not just a part of it.

1st Session Questions

scalp micropigmentation smp in bimringham tools, tattoo machine and needles

Scalp Micropigmentation is actually a simple cosmetic treatment, so the tools are very simple too. There is no need to claim that we use the “latest cutting edge technology”. It’s just a variation of these tools.

Here’s what I use to make “MAGIC” happen

  • Quality tattoo pen – used to inject the pigment into the scalp skin
  • Power watch – keeps my tattoo pen running
  • Variation of needle cartridges – these are inserted into the tattoo pen. I dip them into the pigment and then create micro dots of different sizes on your scalp.(mimic your hair follicles/roots)
  • Pigment blend – I use 100% organic & vegan pigment, mixed specifically for each client’s skin and hair colour.
  • Golden ratio and marking pencil – hairline marking
  • Gloves & mask – protection

Sort of.

The technique used is slightly different than a permanent body tattoo (which goes in deeper into your skin)

SMP is a non-surgical hair replacement treatment. The organic pigment is inserted only about 1mm into the dermis layer of your scalp using a tattoo machine, tiny needles and a flawless manual technique. The result is a perfectly realistic 3D effect that blends in seamlessly with your remaining trimmed hair. 

Actually not that much. Although some people might feel it a bit more than others, I’ve never had anyone give up yet. Here’s an idea based on my personal experience. 

Out of 10 clients:

  • 2 barely feel anything, They report an itching sensation throughout the sessions. They usually enjoy the feeling, or fall asleep.
  • 7 report a discomfort but they can manage the sessions just fine. We either talk all the way through or they watch a good movie on Netflix.
  • 1 in 10 clients might have a very sensitive scalp but I make sure to give them plenty of breaks, use some numbing cream and they soldier through it. 

You must look after it until it settles (1-2 weeks). Every single one of our clients tell us that they have no problem with any of the aftercare instructions below.

First 3 days

  • Do Not wash your head to avoid taking out the pigment
  • Do Not use hair sprays or gel
  • Do Not expose your head to UV rays (sunbed). 
  • Avoid sauna or heavy exercise. Anything which causes excessive sweating during this period will flush the pigment out of the skin thus defeating the purpose of this treatment.
  • Avoid swimming

After 3 days – Until next session

If your 2nd session is 1-2 weeks after the first session:

  • Wash your head gently
  • Moisturize daily with Coconut butter, Argan oil or anything similar.
  • Avoid excessive sweating

Assuming that you need 3 SMP sessions:

  • your 2nd session will be at least 7 days after the 1st session
  • your 3rd session will be at least 7 days after the 2nd session

I normally try to keep the same time and day of the week for the following sessions, but if that’s not possible, then we can easily discuss bookings on the day.

Ah, good question! I like to split your total cost into sessions because it is easier for the client to manage. As an example, if the total cost was £750 and you would need 3 sessions, then you pay £250 per session. 

You can pay by bank transfer (mobile app), by Paypal, or in cash.

To get an idea about costs, have a look at our SMP prices 


SESSION 2 – Bye bye Male Mattern Baldness

Slide to see a few examples of different clients, taken before and straight after the 2nd SMP session.

2 sessions smp
2 sessions smp top

As you come back we will assess the settled result from your previous session. In most cases the cosmetic tattoo will be slightly lighter as the skin heals. You might have a few patches here and there where your skin rejected the pigment, but we will work on that over the next few sessions.

The second SMP session is very similar to the first. We blend the pigment accordingly and cover the whole area again by tattooing another layer of micro dots. (tens of thousands to be “precise”) 

The session length will be around half an hour shorter because we don’t need to draw the hairline anymore. At the end of it you will notice that the density and the coverage has pretty much doubled from the first session. Your full head of “hair” is all coming together now.


SESSION 3 – From Bald Head to Full Head of “Hair”

Slide to see a few examples of different clients, taken before and straight after the 3rd SMP session.

Before and after scalp micropigmentation smp for short trimmed shaved hair, hairline tattoo process in birmingham uk at scalpmates
Before and after scalp micropigmentation for short trimmed shaved hair, hair tattoo process in birmingham uk at scalpmates
Before and after scalp micropigmentation for short trimmed shaved hair, hairline tattoo process in birmingham uk at scalpmates

At this point most of my clients have already ditched the hat and started showing off their newly “grown” hair. Your very close friends and family would normally notice a difference by now and they are intrigued by the miraculous hairline recovery.

Some of them will think that you somehow managed to re-grow your hair, some might think that you had a transplant, yet some might still not notice anything different.

The good news is that people who don’t really know you won’t be able to tell that you’ve had anything done to your head. The choice of disclosing the SMP treatment is entirely up to you!

Again, this session is not much different than the previous sessions. We would assess, adjust the pigment and fill in the whole surface again, focusing on the lighter patches and blending everything perfectly. Based on client preference, the final result can be a bit more intense (darker tone) or more subtle (lighter tone).


Healed/Settled SMP Results

Slide to see photos taken weeks / months after the last session

Scalp micropigmentation in birmingham healed smp hair tattoo
Scalp Micropigmentation SMP process for bald head tattoo in Birmingham UK
crown balding scalp micropigmentation smp result birmingham uk

You should let your hair scalp tattoo settle in for about 2 weeks and then I can offer a free touch up if there are any areas needing more attention.

In most cases a touch up is not necessary, but it’s good to know that you have this option.


How Long Does SMP Last & When Do I Need a Top-Up?


healed smp, hair line tattoo in bimringham healed scalp micropigmentation result scalpmates

The tattooed hairline will last for years to come, however it is difficult to put a definitive number on it. Results are semi permanent and unlike a body tattoo, SMP does fade slowly over the years.

In the example above, our client came back over a year later to have a “refresher” session. He was still very happy with the way it looked, but just wanted to touch up the crown area and create an overall darker result. This session took 3 hours for the whole top of the head. 

Some people might wait for 2-3 years before they get a top up. It’s really down to how well your skin retains the pigment and individual preference. Keep in mind that long term sun exposure will make Scalp Micropigmentation fade quicker.

Why does SMP fade more than a body tattoo?

  • The pigment is inserted at a shallower depth than traditional tattoos in order to avoid blow-outs and blurred impressions. 
  • We use lighter pigments to match your hair follicles and skin tone. We never use full black!


SMP After Care & Healing


It is important to look after your micro hair pigmentation during the first 2 weeks while it’s still settling in. The aftercare instructions are quite simple and none of our clients have any issues following them.

Aftercare Q&A

  • Your bum will probably feel quite numb from sitting down for so many hours.
  • Seeing your hairline getting shape will certainly get you EXCITED!
  • Each session builds more density, so you will notice a positive difference up until the final (usually 3rd) session when you achieve the final result.
  • No major bruises or bleeding will occur.
  • The redness throughout your scalp is normal. This will slowly disappear within 2 days.
  • You shouldn’t feel any pain or soreness after the session, but your scalp might get a bit itchy at times for the next couple of days. 

Start washing your hair gently after 3 days.

SMP normally takes around 2 weeks to fully settle in, so I advise you to keep away from heavy exercise and excessive sweating during this period. This could flush out the pigment from your scalp.

You may still do light exercise such as walking, as long as your head does not sweat too much.

You should wait at least 2 weeks before swimming or sauna.

After 3 days you can start moisturizing your scalp once or twice a day with coconut butter, Argan Oil or similar. Keep doing this until your next session or up to 2 weeks if you’ve already had your last session.

This ensures that your scalp skin doesn’t get too dry and scabby.

Yes, you may cover your head after Scalp Micropigmentation. 

Consider staying away from strong sun or prolonged sun exposure during your first 2 weeks after the treatment.