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SMP Works on SHAVED Head, THINNING Hair & Even LIGHT or GREY Hair 

All our clients have one thing in common. A strong desire to beat hair loss and keep their youthful appearance for longer. We have restored many hairlines, covered up bald crowns, transplant scars and added density to thin hair. 

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Scalp micropigmentation in birmingham healed smp hair tattoo


Scalp Micropigmentation for SHORT/SHAVED Hair


Do you trim your hair or keep it shaved because of Pattern Baldness?


This type of hair loss normally starts with your hairline receding at the sides, creeping back slowly. The crown area is next affected and in many cases, the whole top of the head is bald, leaving just the sides. 


With SMP we can create a new hairline shape (in the style you prefer) and fill in the areas where you have no hair left. In this case I have covered the whole top of his head and blended the micro dots into his remaining hair at the sides over the course of 3 sessions.


If you are a Muslim, then this type of treatment is allowed in Islam. Fatwa Committee UK has ruled on Scalp Micropimentation here (Scroll down to the bottom of their article)


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Scalp Micropigmentation for LONG Hair


Is you hair thinning but don’t want a hair transplant?


This is possibly the best and quickest option to get some of your hair density back. Many of my clients with thin hair come after one or several hair transplants. Some have tried other treatments such as Laser, PRP, Minoxidil/Finasteride but still could not reverse hair loss.


SMP will not grow back your hair, it just creates the illusion of denser hair over the course of 2-3 sessions. There is no scarring involved and you can leave after each session knowing that nobody will be able to detect it. 


There are limitations to Scalp Micropigmentation for thin hair: 

  • Ideally, your hairline hasn’t receded too far back
  • You have a decent amount of hair throughout, without large bald patches
  • If you are unsure about this, please contact us here and we will advise on the best course of action


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scalp micropigmentation in birmingham uk for female long hair smp


Scalp Micropigmentation for Female LONG Hair


Do you see your scalp through the hair?


As a woman you probably heard of Microblading, where strokes can be used to reshape eyebrows or to give a fuller appearance.


Well, SMP is also a cosmetic tattoo, but instead of strokes we create tens of thousands of micro dots to cover the scalp skin in a natural looking way. The dots mimic your hair follicles and will create the illusion of hair density.


This is the settled result after 2 SMP sessions, with 1 more session to follow. It works on lighter hair and skin tone but I found it to be even more effective on darker hair.


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healed Scalp micropigmentation scar camouflage fix in Birmingham UK at scalp mates clinic


Scalp Micropigmentation for TRANSPLANT Scars


Do you have FUE/FUT or accident scars?


Most scars can easily be covered up and blended in with the rest of your hair. 


” Quick and efficient treatment for my hair transplant scar. Transplant was a failure on top of leaving me with a nasty Scar…thankfully Greta covered up nicely and planning to have my full head done once I save up again

Laurente on Trustpilot

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scalp mates scalp micropigmentation birmingham, 9 aldbury road, b144nh

Our Facilities


ScalpMates is based in Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK

9 Aldbury Road, B14 4NH


  • HYGIENIC: Our clinic is always following strict hygiene rules. We sanitize our tools and disinfect all contact areas after each client.Β 
  • PRIVATE: We understand that this is a personal treatment and most of our clients would like to keep it to themselves. So we only work with one client at a time in a private room.
  • APPOINTMENTS ONLY: Please contact us before planning a visit.

feedback from Some of our CLIENTS

People travel to ScalpMates from different parts of UK, with the majority from the Midlands region: Birmingham, Coventry, Derby, Solihull, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Sandwell and Dudley are just some of the areas.


ScalpMates | Scalp Micropigmentation Birmingham, UK Icon ScalpMates | Scalp Micropigmentation Birmingham, UK

9 Aldbury Road, Birmingham

5.0 24 reviews

  • Avatar Gasti D. β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 3 weeks ago
    I am very happy with the final results. Place very clean and Laur super professional. I felt understood … More and always listened to. Thank you Laur to boost much more my self-confidence and self-esteem as wellπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜‰.
  • Avatar Jason Goody β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… in the last week
    Had 3 sessions with Laur and then a touch up a couple of weeks later and I couldn’t be happier.
    I looked
    … More into SMP for a while but found steep pricing and came across the Scalp Mates site. Pricing was affordable and after a call with Laur, he answered my questions and when I went to my first appointment I was nervous but Laur soon put my mind at ease and made me feel very comfortable.
    The sessions flew by and I really enjoyed our chats about family and life. The results are fantastic, life changing for me in fact. Laur is a true artist and really cares about what he is doing. I was never happy with my hair loss and lost a lot of confidence but now I am confident again.
    Also the finish is so natural nobody has noticed they just look at me and cannot put their finger on what has changed.
  • Avatar Colin Smith β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… in the last week
    Where do I start, i was completely bald on top and i was very sceptical and nervous and did some research … More on various clinics but the one that stood out was Scalpmates and Laur with all 5 star reviews so I called and booked a consultation. So happy I did Laur made me very relaxed and confident so much so I told Laur to forget the consultation and start treatment.
    Amazing, Laur has changed my life in a way I feel so much more confident and everyone cannot believe the difference and so natural. Laur is amazing and so professional and loves the transformation he does on you and his enthusiasm and skill he creates on you is unbelievable. I cannot speak highly enough of Laur so much so my brother in law is booking in.
    I truly cannot speak highly enough of Laur .... Amazing
  • Avatar Harasho Burundi β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 5 months ago
    Laur is a true artist! I have had people look at me from extremely close and be in awe at the fact that … More my hairline isn't entirely made up of real hair. My only regret is not getting SMP years ago and waiting this long. I spent so long researching and speaking to various providers, and honestly - Scalp Mates produced the best results, and were the most honest, understanding, and professional out of everyone. I would personally never risk going anywhere else, knowing what excellent quality and value you can get here.
  • Avatar M A β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 3 months ago
    5 stars is not even enough. I have been contemplating doing SMP for around a year now. I'm a 24 … More year old Asian male who's been balding from the crown area with very fine thin hair. Contacting Laur through WhatsApp was probably the best decisions I made, he made me feel comfortable right from the very beginning! Very friendly character, explained all the process and set me out a few options.
    At first I did not want to remove all my hair so I went for the SMP density, but in the end I trimmed it all down on my last session and Laurs work is truely magical. The back view of my head cannot see one part of yellow scalp skin as it's all been covered up. You don't understand how it feels to be able to walk with confidence knowing no one is going to look or even get the famous comment's of "what's happening to your hair, why's your hair so thin".
    In terms of the procedure I would not say it's painful but I would not say it's not painful either. Certain parts of the head you may very well feel it more but I asked laur to apply some numbing cream and after that you don't actually feel it being done.
    I'd like to thank Laur for providing such a great service and friendly manner, he really is changing peoples lives and for the price he charges you won't find anywhere cheaper. The quality of work being done is great, he's a honest and friendly character, and I really recommend anyone going through what I did or any sort of situation that requires SMP, laurs the man for it.
    Once again Thank you laurrr!! God Bless!

Our promise to you

We are a husband and wife team determined to make a real and positive difference in people’s lives. For us, Scalp Micropigmentation started as an art. It quickly turned into a passion when we saw the true potential of SMP.

Greta Bradea co owner Scalp mates clinic scalp micropigmentation in birmingham uk

Greta Bradea

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist : Scalp Micropigmentation / Eyebrow Tattoo / Microblading / Lip Blush 


My journey in the beauty industry started more than 10 years ago thanks in part to my mother. I grew up in her salon where every day was a new lesson.  


In this environment I discovered that most people are never truly satisfied with their natural beauty. We are always trying to boost our image because it makes us feel better and gives us more confidence. 


That’s why I only focus on the services with instantly noticeable results. Because I love making a real difference in people’s lives. Giving people back their confidence is what fuels my passion for cosmetic tattoos.


Laurentiu Bradea co owner Scalp mates clinic scalp micropigmentation in birmingham uk

Laurentiu Bradea

Scalp Micropigmentation / Tattoo Artist


Since my childhood I have always been interested in art. Growing up gave me the chance to focus more and more on the meaning behind each artistic piece.


During my Design Degree an obsession for problem solving started to develop and I soon discovered that art can indeed become practical and help people.


Today I am proud to use my artistic skills to solve a real problem that many people face. Through Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) I can add more density to thinning hair or create a buzz cut look on a bald head. And the best part? It looks natural so others won’t even know that you had it done.

questions we get asked a lot


About Treatment

Does SMP work for grey or light colour hair?

Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation can blend in with any colour hair. Ultimately your hair roots will always be a shade of grey and that is what we are trying to match the treatment to. With lighter hair we would go with a lighter pigment.

SMP is much more effective if you have dark hair because we can cover the skin with a darker pigment.

Does SMP work for short / shaved hair?

Yes, the micro dots that we create will closely mimic your short trimmed hair. You can cover up bald areas (blended into your existing hair) or create the hairline you always wanted.

Does SMP work for long hair?

Yes, providing that your hairline is still in good shape and you don’t have any bald patches. If you have a decent amount of hair throughout, then we can use the same micro pigmentation technique to cover up your scalp skin that’s showing through. 

It will create the perfect illusion of denser hair

Is SMP Haram?

Fatwa Committee UK has ruled that Scalp Micropimentation (SMP) is permitted in Islam because it is considered as treatment for ailment. Click here and scroll down to the bottom of their article.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation, also know as SMP, or micro hair pigmentation is a cosmetic tattoo that gives guaranteed results to people with different stages of hair loss. Unlike a normal body tattoo, we use a specific technique (less invasive) and we match the pigments to the individual’s skin tone and hair colour. 

How long are the sessions and how many do I need?

The treatment for a full top ( hairline into the crown area ) is usually comprised of 3 sessions (1 week apart) and if necessary, a free touch up.

Each full SMP session can take up to 4 hours.

For smaller areas you might still need 3 sessions in order to create the desired effect, but each SMP session will be shorter.

Is SMP painful?

Yes and No. Different people have different pain thresholds.

As an idea, out of 10 clients:

  • 2 barely feel anything, They report an itching sensation throughout the sessions. They usually enjoy the feeling, or fall asleep.
  • 7 report a discomfort but they can manage the sessions just fine. We either talk all the way through or they watch a good movie on Netflix.
  • 1 in 10 clients might have a very sensitive scalp but I make sure to give them plenty of breaks, use some numbing cream and they soldier through it. 

We’ve never had anyone leave because of pain, before the treatment was complete.


Can I get a softer hairline? I don't want a helmet head

We don’t want to create helmet heads either. We also don’t want to paint your scalp in black. 

We always use the proper technique and never cut any corners in order to save time. We also advise you on a hairline shape that will suit you now, as well as in the long term. 

Every single one of our clients is amazed at how realistic SMP actually looks. Your close family will probably know when you get a new hairline. But someone who doesn’t know you will just think that it’s your own hair.

Do I need time off work for healing?

You don’t need to take any time off work. You could even go to work straight after each session if you want. There are no signs of bruising on your head, the most you will get is a slight redness on your scalp for 1-2 days. 

What if I don't like it?

Me and Greta never had anyone who regretted their freshly done SMP. *knock on wood*

If you wanted a minor adjustment, such as slightly lowered, or more curved hairline, then most likely we can touch it up and improve it. We are always eager to improve on our work, so let us know if anything bothers you.

However, if you were to completely hate it (unlikely), then you could have 1 or 2 sessions of laser tattoo removal done and…well, remove it.

Is SMP safe?

Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation is a fairly simple, non-surgical procedure. Like with any other tattoos, there is a very small risk of infection, but If you follow the simple aftercare instructions, that risk is negligible. 

So far we’ve never seen any problems after SMP and we hope to keep it that way.

How do you get the colour right and what pigment do you use?

When you come in we will look at your skin tone, hair colour and whether you want a shaved look or density build. We adjust the pigment to match each individual. 

Here’s a couple examples:

  • On someone with a fairly pale skin and a light hair we would start off with a lighter shade and build up the layers accordingly.
  • On someone with a darker skin tone and dark hair we would start off with a medium shade and build up the layers accordingly.

The pigment we use is organic and 100% vegan, with 3 simple ingredients: Carbon (black), Isopropyl Alcohol (acts as antiseptic) and Aqua (to dilute the black / create different shades of grey)

About Booking

How much does SMP cost and how can I pay?

We believe that Scalp Micropigmentation treatments should be affordable to everyone who struggles with hair loss. 

Here’s a few examples of our costs:

  • Hairline corners: up to Β£250 (2-3 sessions included)
  • Hairline + small area at the crown: up to Β£500
  • Whole top of the head, with hairline and blending into the sides: up to Β£750
  • Whole head including sides: up to Β£1000

Our most common SMP treatment would be covering the whole top of the head (Norwood 5-6)

Visit our SMP Cost page for more detailed pricing.

Or get a Free Quote without any obligation.

Are you flexible with bookings?

We are very flexible and can work late evenings and weekends. So if you work during the week, we might still be able to have your sessions after 5-6 PM

Do you offer free consultation?

Yes, you can use this opportunity to come and see our place in Kings Heath, Birmingham, meet me (Laur) or my wife (Greta), talk about the treatment, your concerns, or see more of our work. 

About Aftercare

What to expect after each SMP session?
  • Seeing your hairline getting in shape or your hair getting a density boost will certainly get you EXCITED!
  • Each session builds more density, so you will notice a positive difference up until the final (usually 3rd) session when you achieve the final result.
  • No major bruises or bleeding will occur.
  • Your scalp will be slightly red, a sign that your skin already started the healing process.
  • You shouldn’t feel any pain or soreness after each session, but your scalp might get a bit itchy at times for the next couple of days. 
  • Your bum will probably feel quite numb from sitting down for so many hours.
When can I wash my hair after SMP?

You can gently wash your head after 3 days.

We try to clean as much pigment as possible from the surface of your scalp after each SMP session.

When can I work out after SMP?

We advise staying away from heavy exercise for up to 2 weeks in order to allow your cosmetic treatment a proper healing.

If your scalp is sweating excessively, it could end up rejecting the pigment prematurely.

You may still do light exercise such as walking, as long as your head does not sweat too much.

How long does SMP last?

Scalp Micropigmentation can last for many years, depending on skin types (too oily or too dry) and the aftercare. It does fade slowly over the years. 

  • You might need one top-up session after 1-2 years to freshen it up, make slight changes and bring the intensity back. 

That is because the pigment is inserted at a shallower depth than a normal body tattoo. The pigment is also a lot lighter in order to match your hair and skin tone

Do I need to moisturize my scalp?

After washing your head you will need to keep moisturizing your scalp daily until your next session, in order to avoid it becoming too dry.

You can use any moisturizer cream, such as coconut butter, or argan oil.

Can I cover up with a cap straight after SMP?

Yes, you can cover your head after the treatment if you prefer.

Can I use hair fibers, hair sprays or any other products straight after SMP?

No, it is best not to use any hair products on your head because they could negatively impact the healing process of SMP.

Don’t use any hair fibers, hair sprays, gels, or hair growth products for 2 weeks after getting the treatment done.

Can I expose to sun or use the sunbeds after SMP?

Do not over expose to sun or sunbeds for 2 weeks after getting the SMP treatment done. That is because UV rays are known to fade the pigment a lot faster.

If you keep your hair shaved, try to wear sunscreen or cover with a cap if you will be exposed to sun for an extended period of time.