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SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION for hair transplant scars and head birthmarks in birmingham uk



SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION for hair thinning in birmingham uk







Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the art of “tattooing” thousands of micro dots with a special pigment on your head. The dots match your tone and perfectly blend in with your remaining hair follicles.


Scalp Micropigmentation SMP is the art of tattooing thousands of micro dots with a special pigment on your head


You could have a FULL head of buzzed hair, add volume to your thinning hair or cover up head scars with guaranteed results.

After treatment, people won’t be able to tell the difference between your real hair and the Micro Pigmentation.


Slide the line and see the stunning results for yourself


before Scap micropigmentation smp for male pattern baldness, bald head tattoo for man with hair loss on top of the headafter Scap micropigmentation smp for male pattern baldness, bald head tattoo for man with hair loss on top of the head


What’s the scalp micropigmentation process?


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the simplest and most efficient non surgical treatment against hair loss. Results can be achieved over the course of 3-4 sessions. It works for short or long hair, regardless of skin tone or hair colour. 

Below I will give you an insight into the process, what to expect during and after each session.


how does scalp micropigmentation work, what is the process, more about smp for hair loss and balding


Free Consultation + Virtual Mockup


It is very easy to book a visit with ScalpMates clinic. Contact us to request a consultation or send us a quick message on Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. 

You don’t need to pay at this point. And we do not pressure you into booking your treatment either. This is simply an informal chat which gives you the chance to get more info about the SMP procedure and see what you can get out of it.

Are you worried about how the hairline would look on you? No problem!  We can also show you how Scalp Micropigmentation can change you by taking your photo and editing it on the spot. We call this a Virtual Mockup.


Free Virtual Mockup

scalp micropigmentation virtual mockup to show how hairline would look on a bald man


1st session scalp micropigmentation smp hair tattoo


1st SMP Session


  • You complete a form with your details such as health conditions and allergies.
  • If your head is shaved we start drawing the hairline with a pencil, taking into account your age, skin tone and the amount of hair loss. If you are adding density to long hair then this step is not necessary.
  • Once you are happy to proceed we will start tattooing the first layer of micro dots on your scalp. For a crown area density fill it could take up to 2 hours, meanwhile for a full head please allow 4 hours.
  • Our clients report minimal pain during the treatment.
  • The 1st session is only a foundation so naturally we will create a softer hairline and lighter micro dots for the most natural look. We use pigment specifically formulated for Scalp Micropigmentation.
2nd session scalp micropigmentation smp hair tattoo hair simulation


2nd SMP Session


  • Before starting we discuss any concerns that you might have or talk about making some adjustments to your hairline or pigment tone. 
  • You will notice that the first base has faded quite a bit and that is perfectly normal due to your skin healing and exfoliating. This can seem disappointing to many people but it is a natural reaction of your skin to the pigment. 
  • This allows us to build up the layers and create a realistic 3D effect to simulate real hair follicles.
  • The pigments we use are top quality. Unlike normal ink it will never change into a different (blueish) tone and it will always mimic real hair follicles even when faded.
3rd session scalp micropigmentation smp hair tattoo hair simulation


3rd SMP Session


  • During the 3rd session of your SMP tattoo we add more density and possibly darken the pigment tone if necessary. The previous 2 layers should be healed and slightly lighter by now. 
  • Scalp Micropigmentation is a form of permanent makeup and is also known as a cosmetic hair/scalp tattoo. The treatment will stay on your head forever although it slowly fades over the years, allowing you to make adjustments along the way.

  • To maintain you might choose to have a refresher session after 3-5 years.
  • We offer FREE TOP UP within 1 year of the first session as part of our Satisfaction Guarantee.
before, after and fully healed scalp micropigmentation for hair desnity, hair volume, thinning


SMP Healing Process


  • As we mentioned previously this cosmetic tattoo does fade quicker in the first 2 weeks due to the healing process although the fading will slow down drastically once your scalp has healed.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation requires no down time. You could go to work or other functions straight after each session.
  • Following each session your head skin will be slightly red because of the increased blood flow to your scalp. The redness slowly goes away within 2-3 days.
  • During the first week of healing your scalp will start scabbing but nothing major. It is VERY IMPORTANT not to touch or pick at these little scabs to avoid taking out the pigment.



Do’s and don’ts after each SMP session to ensure great results


First 3 days


Do Not wash your head to avoid taking out the pigment.

Do Not shave or scratch your scalp. 

Do Not expose your head to UV rays (sunbed). 


First 3 weeks


Avoid sauna or heavy exercise. Anything which causes excessive sweating during this period will flush the pigment out of the skin thus defeating the purpose of this treatment.

Avoid swimming because chlorine and saltwater interfere with the healing process as well. 


The ultimate list of questions and answers


Is Scalp Micropigmentation a tattoo?


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is essentially an advanced cosmetic tattoo. It differs however from a traditional tattoo through different technique, process and tools.


is scalp micropigmentation a tattoo, it is a cosmetic tattoo uses a pigment instead of ink and different process, scalp mates clinic in bimingham UK

+ SMP uses a specifically formulated pigment matching your skin tone. It does not change colour over time.

– A traditional tattoo with regular ink leads to horribly unrealistic results. It also changes colour after a while.

We use a softer tattooing technique to avoid causing blowouts or ink patches. Creating up to 30,000 tiny dots which look like hair follicles is an art in itself and extremely tedious work.


How long does Scalp Micropigmentation take?


Each Scalp Micropigmentation session can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on the scalp area that needs to be covered. 

As an example: to add more density to the crown area, a session could take up to 2 hours, meanwhile for a full head please allow 4 hours. 

You need 3 to 4 sessions in order to get the perfect results.


Is Scalp Micropigmentation safe?


Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a safe non surgical treatment. Following each session you may experience very mild side effects such as redness and light scabbing which are part of the skin healing process.

We use modern, secure facilities and thoroughly disinfect our tools before each client to avoid infections.

During your consultation we ask about any allergies or health conditions (such as keloid scars) that could interfere with the pigmentation process. We only go forward with the treatment if we believe that it is safe to do so.


Does Scalp Micropigmentation cause more hair loss?


No, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) does not lead to more hair loss simply because we only tattoo the dots at 1 mm depth. There is no chance of damaging your hair follicles as the hair root goes much deeper into the skin (roughly 4mm).


Is Scalp Micropigmentation permanent?


Scalp Micropigmentation is widely known as a semi-permanent cosmetic solution to hair loss. Just like microblading or permanent make-up the SMP treatment does fade slowly over time. While the colour may lighten over the years, your treatment will always stay realistic.

We can’t tell you how long it will last on your skin but in some cases it can be effective for up to 7 years. Some clients may choose to have a touch up session after 2-3 years. It gives them the chance to update the shape of their hairline or give a fresh boost in density. It’s all up to each individual preference.


Why does Scalp Micropigmentation fade?


The experience of your technician as well as the type of pigment used are one of the biggest contributors to your SMP fading.

All skin exfoliates over time which is normal but your skin type will play a role too. Very dry or very oily skin will affect the Scalp Micropigmentation longevity.

Proper aftercare is paramount in the early stages of your treatment and generally unprotected exposure to sun will lighten the cosmetic tattoo over time. We always advise to use at least SP30 sunscreen in direct sunlight.


Is Scalp Micropigmentation painful?


The majority of our clients report more of a discomfort and a slight stinging sensation rather than actual pain during the treatment. The biggest fear most people have is how much the pigmentation will hurt. One of our google reviews reads:  “I’d say the tattoo pain on my head was 3/10”

That is not to say that all people will have the same pain threshold. Some people might have a more sensitive scalp than others and some will experience more soreness afterwards. We never judge your pain tolerance.


Can Scalp Micropigmentation be removed?


SMP is much easier to laser remove than a regular tattoo since the pigment is much lighter than black ink and closer to the surface of the skin. A bad treatment can normally be reversed in 1 tattoo removal session (considering that the technician didn’t use black tattoo ink)

As you probably guessed, very few people actually want their Scalp Micropigmentation removed. However there are a few reasons why you should consider removal.

  • bad, unrealistic results with large dots, ink patches or colour change over time. Very sharp lines are also quite disturbing.
  • simply changed your mind about the style of your hairline.