I know that most people won’t believe the type of results you can achieve with this simple cosmetic tattoo (Scalp Micropigmentation). Well, let me show you how I cover up the balding area on top of Steve’s head.


Steve was a Norlwood 7 when he came in

before scalp micropigmentation at scalpmates in birmingham uk


Bald Head Tattoo – NW7 to Full Head of Trimmed Hair

Steve came for a consultation at ScalpMates clinic in Birmingham, UK. He had embraced the bald/shaved look for a long time but decided it’s time for a change. He was surprised that the cost of SMP was very affordable and booked in straight away.

Are you curious to see how it turned out and what he has to say about the process? Keep reading to see the full transformation and his experience getting a hairline tattoo.

  • Did you try any other hair loss solutions before Scalp Micropigmentation?

No, I never have. It never was an issue with me because I’ve always shaved my head and wasn’t really self conscious about it. So I never really looked into any other hair loss treatments before.

  • When did you find out about SMP?

I’ve known about it for about 1 or 2 years, read a bit about it and noticed that a few celebrities had Scalp Micropigmentation done and it looked really natural. So I looked up more online, looked up some websites for more information about the procedure. I thought it’s not too invasive, not like an ordinary tattoo and it would fade naturally anyway if I wasn’t too happy.

  • Do you think that SMP is getting more and more popular?

Yes, I think so. People talk more about it. My brother’s friend is looking to get a hair transplant and my brother told him that I was getting it done so he asked for a photo.  He saw a few photos and said it looks really good.

  • Did you understand what it is when you first found out about it?

Yes, I knew that it’s a semi-permanent tattoo.

  • What were your expectations before coming in?

Just to give the illusion of a full head of shaved hair. It exceeded my expectations. My brother saw it and he thought it looked really, really good.

  • Did you worry about getting Scalp Micropigmentation done?

Yes, I was worried that it wouldn’t suit or something would go wrong and you couldn’t go back on it. Like getting the hairline wrong and getting stuck with it until it fades or have to laser it off.  So yeah, mainly about how it would look, you know nobody wants something on their head that looks like someone drew dots with a pen.

  • What attracted you to ScalpMates for your SMP treatment?

I googled a few Micropigmentation clinics in Birmingham, looked at websites, reviews, before and after pictures. ScalpMates was here in Kings Heath and I was impressed with the website. So I came for a consultation before the Lockdown  to see the general ambiance. You and Greta made me feel comfortable and I was happy to proceed.


These are settled results taken 3 weeks after the 3rd SMP session.

before and after scalp micropigmentation smp for bald head at scalpmates in birmingham uk


A few things to note:

  1. SMP is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo, so it will fade slowly over time. Steve might need one full session after 1-2 years to rejuvenate the treatment. 
  2. In order for the Hair tattoo to blend in perfectly and look natural, it is best to cut your remaining hair quite short (0.5), or use a foil trimmer. It is not necessary to shave it with a razor.

Now, let’s resume with the questions. I will ask Steve how he felt during treatment.


  • How much pain did you feel during the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment? 1-5 scale

I would rate it 1. The pain was negligible, it’s almost nothing. In fact I found it quite relaxing. I suppose near the temple it’s a bit more sensitive. It was quite surprising, I thought that it would be more uncomfortable. During the sessions I felt sort of like a buzz and my scalp gets slightly sore after.

  • How did you cope with the long sessions?

For me it seemed to go very quickly in general. On the last session, around half way through I started to feel  a bit stiff. It helps to get up for just a couple of minutes, have a stretch, just walk around. In the beginning I thought it’s going to be a lot more difficult, that’s why I brought my headphones but I didn’t even use them. There’s also Netflix but I was sort of sitting in my own little world, which was nice.

  • Was your scalp red after the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment?

I didn’t really notice, but my brother said that it looks slightly red. It took a few days for the redness it to completely disappear.

  • How did you find the SMP aftercare instructions?

It was straight forward. Don’t touch it, don’t sweat excessively in the beginning, don’t wash your hair for 3-4 days, I didn’t have any issues with this. I did itch once because I forgot but that was it. After washing my hair I used the Argan oil to keep my scalp moisturised. After the second session I did notice some small areas at the top of my head getting a bit more dry and it scabbed off some of the pigment. The third session and touch up seemed to take care of that.

I did notice it fade slightly after each session but I find that it looks better with a slight fade because it blends in better

  • Would you say that Scalp Micropigmentation  looks natural on you?

I don’t know whether anyone else would notice, but I’ve had only positive comments from people that know me. My brother who uses Monoxidil, he’s got a full head of hair but he says that if he lost his hair and had it short, then he’d definitely have the SMP  done.

  • Is Scalp Micropigmentation worth it for you?

Absolutely. In fact I was a little bit surprised by the price. I think that you are sort of undervaluing yourself there. I was looking online at before and after pictures and the prices associated with these and honestly Laur I would have paid double than what you quoted me.

Defintely well worth it. If someone would speak to me about it I would definitely encourage them to think about it and obviously recommend you.


3 Sessions Micropigmentation Process 

Final results on a bald head are usually achieved over 3 SMP sessions. These sessions can be spread 1 week apart. As you can see, the scalp is slightly red straight after each session, a sign that the skin has already begun the healing process. The redness could last up to 2 days. 

before and after Scalp Micropigmentation SMP process for bald head tattoo in Birmingham UK

Many of my clients want to keep this kind of treatment private, so they normally ask “Is it going to be very obvious that I had something done?

There is no other bruising and the fact that we build it up in layers means that there won’t be a massive difference straight away. In some cases, people very close to my clients – like spouse or family – weren’t able to detect it even after the second session, even though the new hairline had good definition already.

Similar to a body tattoo, SMP takes around 2 weeks to fully heal. In the meantime you just have to be careful and follow the aftercare instructions. It is your duty to take care of your scalp tattoo after each session. 



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