• Have you ever wondered if there was a way to get your hairline back?

  • Do you keep your hair very short or shaved because of balding?

Scalp Micropigmentation (aka hair tattoo) is probably your best solution to recover your hairline and cover the bald areas at the top of your head, towards the crown.  

In this article I share David’s own experience with SMP.


David was a Norwood 7 when he came in

Norwood 7 hair loss


Best Solution for Norwood 7 Baldness in the UK 

David is a perfect example of someone who had made peace with his hair loss many years ago. He always kept it short / shaved and didn’t give it much thought. One day he discovered SMP by chance, just by looking at some tattoo ideas and he was intrigued. 

He came for a consultation at ScalpMates clinic in Birmingham, UK and booked in after having a small chat about the Micro Hair Pigmentation process. During the last SMP session I asked him lots and lots of questions. Enjoy.

  • Did you try any other hair loss treatments before SMP?

No, I never looked at any other treatments because I didn’t really think there are any solutions for my situation.

  • When did you find out about Scalp Micropigmentation?

I was looking at getting more tattoos and SMP appeared on a website. Then I started reading about it since it was something I had never seen before. Then I thought this could just be perfect for what I need

  • Did you understand straight away what Scalp Micropigmentation is?

Yes , I read about it and then I saw some before and after pictures but I still couldn’t believe how real it was until I saw firsthand.  

  • Do you think that SMP is popular treatment for hair loss?

I don’t think that many people know about it.

  • When did you decide to book in?  

If it wasn’t for Lockdown I would have done it within a month. Because once I have something in my head it just seemed too good of an option for me to miss. So as soon as the lockdown was lifted I booked in with you.

  • What were your expectations before having your head tattooed?

I just thought it would give me a hair shape, hairline. But it’s done more than create a hair shape, it’s given me a more defined and youthful look. I really feel younger now.

  • Did you have any worries or concerns about getting  Scalp Micropigmentation on your head?

It was more like would it look natural, or would it look like a tattoo? I thought that people might  notice something strange with my head once I get it done.  Now that I have it though, I’m convinced that you wouldn’t even know if you saw it.

  • What attracted you to ScalpMates | Scalp Micropigmentation in Birmingham, UK?

A few things, the website was quite good and clear, your before and after pictures were quite clear and just the way you talked about what you do in your website. It gave me a lot more confidence in what was being done. Once I came for the consultation it all fell into place.


This photo was taken straight after the 3rd SMP session

best hairline tattoo in birmingham UK, scalp micropigmentation smp scalpmates


A few things to note:

  1. Your head will be slightly red after each session. This is normal because your skin is starting the healing process. 
  2. The Micro dots will appear darker at this point, but they will settle and blend in more during the healing process. (1-2 weeks)
  3. SMP is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo, so it will fade slowly over time. David might need one full session after 1-2 years to rejuvenate the treatment. 
  4. In order for the Hair tattoo to blend in perfectly and look natural, it is best to cut your remaining hair quite short (0.5), or use a foil trimmer. It is not necessary to shave it with a razor.

Now, let’s resume with the questions. I will ask David how he felt during treatment.

  • How painful was the SMP on a scale of 1 to 5?

I mean, you can feel it. I’d say it’s a 2. It might be a little more towards the front, maybe just over 2. It’s more of an irritated itch.

  • How do you find the long sessions?

I knew what to expect, it’s not a 2 minute job and I knew it will take a little bit longer just to get right. I don’t really care how long it takes. Time doesn’t really matter when you want it done properly.

  • How long before the redness went away?

By the next day there was no sign of redness on me. It was literally go home, go to bed and in the morning no red.

  • Did your scalp feel uncomfortable after the SMP?

No, it wasn’t. Unless I’m lucky I didn’t have any soreness, or sensitivity. It’s not like having a tattoo. There’s no major scabbing or anything like that.

  • Did you find the aftercare instructions reasonable?

It was quite simple to understand. Your head is easy to look after because you can see it. All the instructions were fine by me.

  • Did the tattoo fade more than you expected after each session?

Not really. The first session takes away the edge of male pattern baldness. The second session is more like the WOW factor. And the third session you’re just doing it to get more definition in there, put everything together and finishes it off nice.

  • Would you say that Scalp Micropigmentation looks natural? Did anyone around you notice it?

I would say it looks perfectly natural and nobody even looks at me as if thinking that something isn’t natural. There’s no difference talking with someone with or without my hat on.

  • Was it worth getting your head tattooed?

 Definitely 100% it was worth doing. It is something I will never regret.

  • Any more comments?

The consultation makes everything a bit more at ease but you have to see it to believe it. When you have that first session all your worries will go out the window, the second session is your WOW factor and then your third session is just bringing it all together, the finishing touches.

It’s magic, that’s the best way to describe it.


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Process

This photo illustrates the hair tattoo process.

full scalp micropigmentation smp process bald hair tattoo birmingham uk

  1. The first photo shows how David’s head looked before SMP. After the first session you notice the hairline getting shape and slight redness.
  2. One week later he came for his second session. The redness has long gone. There is a slight difference from when he came and I proceed with the session
  3. Another week and the SMP is covering the bald area much better. It blends in with the sides, but the hairline needs a bit more definition and the top could be a bit darker.

Notice the darker dots straight after each session? It’s just excess pigment on top of your skin and it will wash off, leaving a natural looking result.



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