Scalp Micropigmentation literally works wonders on a balding hairline and crown. I will show you first-hand how Mohammed successfully brought back his receding hairline and added more density in the crown area.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Haram?

For any Muslims reading this, Fatwa committee UK ruled that Micro Pigmentation Tattoo is permitted in Islam because it is considered as a treatment for ailment. Baldness is like any other ailment and it is allowed for you to use any treatment to cure it.


Mohammed’s photos straight before first session

before hair tattoo scalp micropigmentation birmingham uk


Scalp Micropigmentation Hairline Mock up

Mohammed is a young man who came for a consultation to our ScalpMates clinic in Birmingham UK one day. He was ready to do the treatment but was unsure of how it would look on him. I took a few photos of him and later that night I sent him a Virtual Mock up / Simulation of 2 different hairlines.

One was more of a “Hip-Hop” look and one was a slightly curved hairline. The sharper preview stood out for him and after a few days he was back and ready to start the treatment. 

scalp micropigmentation smp mockup for hair tattoo in birmingham uk scalpmates


I asked Mohammed loads of questions, so keep reading to learn more about his hair loss journey and his life changing treatment.

  • What other hair loss treatments have you tried before?

I’ve tried Finasteride, tried using a derma roller, different types of oils and the laser comb. To be honest I didn’t see any difference after using these.

  • How did you find out about SMP?

I just remember being on my bed on a Thursday and I was looking for treatments for hair loss, then one of the things was Scalp Micropigmentation. So I searched it up, saw the prices and the pictures so I was really impressed. Then I saw your Scalpmates clinic which was closest to where I live in Birmingham. I gave you a call the next morning and came for a consultation.

  • Do you think that Scalp Micropigmentation is a popular treatment?

To be honest I didn’t really come across it because not many people talk about it. So I thought that the only real option for me was hair transplant which was like 2.5 grand. I didn’t have that kind of money so I wasn’t getting that any time soon. Just by chance I came across SMP and it felt like a gift from the Lord.

  • Did you understand straight away what Scalp Micropigmentation is?

I was up all night and did a lot of research on it, what it was exactly, how people mistake it for regular tattooing. I’m a Muslim so I went to see if it was allowed for people like me. I remember seeing a ruling from the Islamic Leader in Europe and he said that it was allowed so I was glad that I could do it. For me it was very important that it was not Haram. 

( As a side note, after talking to many of my Muslim clients, they all agree that Scalp Micropigmentation is permitted because it is a restoration rather than an alteration of the body. Furthermore, The European council for Fatwa and Research ruled in December 2016 that SMP is a treatment for ailment, therefore it is allowed for Muslims. )

  • What were your expectations before coming in?

I was always conscious of my hairline so I really hoped that you could bring back that hairline to the front. Honestly I didn’t expect you to do it that well, you brought it right to the front and I can honestly say that I could walk out of here without a hat. I feel whole again.

  • What were your concerns before getting Scalp Micropigmentation done?

To be honest, my main concern was probably the pain, I thought it was going to hurt . On my first session if you can remember I fell asleep so yeah, it’s actually not that painful at all. I’d say for me it was actually very nice and relaxing.

  • Were you anxious before starting the first session?

I thought let’s just trust the process, you’re the expert, you know what you’re doing.. So on the first session the hairline was made and I was happy with that, the second session you took the SMP all the way to the crown and blended it with the rest of the hair even better. It was really good so yeah, just trust the process and that’s it.

  • What attracted you to ScalpMates | Scalp Micropigmentation in Birmingham UK?

To be honest it was between Scalpmates which is here in Kings Heath and His Hair in Jewellery Quarter. But after I got here I was like: I’m happy with this place, the owners are nice, friendly people and we hit it off.


Photos taken straight after 3rd Session. 

before and after Scap micropigmentation smp for male pattern baldness, bald head tattoo for man

A few things to note:

  1. The slight redness in some areas is normal, it just means that the skin has already started the healing process. It normally goes away the next day, or at most 2 days. Apart from that, your head looks normal and there is no major sign of bruising, so you could resume your daily commitments as normal.
  2. In order for the Hair tattoo to blend in perfectly and look natural, it is best to cut your remaining hair quite short (0.5), or use a foil trimmer. It is not necessary to shave it with a razor.

Now, let’s resume with the questions. I will ask Mohammed how he felt during treatment.

  • How painful is the hair tattoo / SMP on a scale of 1 to 5?

I wouldn’t even want to give it a 1 personally. Obviously I do understand that everyone is different and some may feel it more than others. I can feel it, but it’s a very nice sort of pinching sensation. Very repetitive but  It just becomes soothing after a bit.

  • How did you cope with the long sessions?  (around 3 hours)

Were the sessions 3 hours? To be honest I didn’t even realize it was that long. I mean, I fell asleep half way through so that was me. But then there’s always the option of watching Netflix on the telly.

  • Was your scalp red after the sessions and how long did the redness last?

For me it was around 2-3 days

  • Did the area feel uncomfortable after?

No, it didn’t

  • How did you find the SMP aftercare instructions?

I’ll tell you one thing. This probably only applies to me, or some Muslim people. We have to wash our head about 5 times a day for prayer. Obviously first 3 days after Scalp Micropigmentation  we’re not allowed to wash our head so I had to constantly remind myself  “I’m not allowed to wash my head” because after so many years of doing it every day it just becomes a habit. I had to write that on my hand. Haha!

  • Do you feel like it faded more than you expected after washing it?

After 3 days when you wash, it does look less intense, but that’s probably because the excess pigment from the surface of the scalp just washes off. But the end result is still really nice.

  • Does  Scalp Micropigmentation / SMP look natural to you?

I would say yes, it definitely does. I look in the mirror sometimes and just mistake it for my actual hair. I’m the one that’s had the treatment done and I still find it hard to believe that it’s sort of a tattoo. Everyone in my family loves it! To be honest, they are probably getting annoyed now because  I ask them “What do you think?” every few minutes.

  • Is Scalp Micropigmentation worth it for you? Any regrets?

For me, definitely yes. No regrets at all.


It was a pleasure working with you Mohammed and I wish you all the best in life. Good luck with your plans!



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