Watch what happens to this Receded Hairline, Before and After 2 SMP sessions

A man smiling and showing his receded hairline before and after getting scalp micropigmentation by Laur from ScalpMates.

How to bring back receding hairlines effectively?   Hey, it’s Laur from ScalpMates, your friendly SMP artist and blogger. Today I want to share with you a remarkable transformation of one of my clients who had a receded hairline and wanted to restore his confidence and appearance. If you don’t know what SMP is, it […]

Norwood 7 to a Full Head of Hair in 3 weeks | Scalp Micropigmentation in Birmingham UK

best hairline tattoo in birmingham UK, scalp micropigmentation smp scalpmates

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to get your hairline back? Do you keep your hair very short or shaved because of balding? Scalp Micropigmentation (aka hair tattoo) is probably your best solution to recover your hairline and cover the bald areas at the top of your head, towards the crown.   In […]

AMAZING RESULT | Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Before and After | Birmingham UK

before and after scalp micropigmentation smp for bald head at scalpmates in birmingham uk

I know that most people won’t believe the type of results you can achieve with this simple cosmetic tattoo (Scalp Micropigmentation). Well, let me show you how I cover up the balding area on top of Steve’s head.   Steve was a Norlwood 7 when he came in   Bald Head Tattoo – NW7 to […]

MIRACLE Hairline Recovery in Birmingham UK | Hair Tattoo (SMP) for Short Hair

before and after Scap micropigmentation smp for male pattern baldness, bald head tattoo for man

Scalp Micropigmentation literally works wonders on a balding hairline and crown. I will show you first-hand how Mohammed successfully brought back his receding hairline and added more density in the crown area. Is Scalp Micropigmentation Haram? For any Muslims reading this, Fatwa committee UK ruled that Micro Pigmentation Tattoo is permitted in Islam because it […]

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) for Long Hair | LIFE-CHANGING Density Boost

before and after scalp micropigmentation smp in birmingham UK for hair density

Many people don’t know that it is possible to add hair density with Scalp Micropigmentation aka hair tattoo. My client’s hair was still quite thin after having his hair transplant and he couldn’t afford another expensive procedure. He decided that SMP is his best and most affordable option. Keep reading A.K’ s story below.   […]